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Use Cases For SmartDeployAI

Read on to see how SmartDeployAI can be used to help your organization extract value from its data

Farming / Agriculture
A farmer’s implement (tractors, combines, etc.)...
A farmer’s implement (tractors, combines, etc.) are sending back a stream of continuous data about usage, upcoming maintenance, positioning, fuel consumption, upcoming maintenance, and more. The farmer would like to use this data to get an overview of the status and health of his equipment and monitor it through the web and/or a mobile app.

Drones are taking a stream of continuous images of crop fields. These images are then analyzed with the aid of vegetation analysis algorithms to give the farmer an overview the health of their crops. Based on that information, the farmer is able to choose when it may be close to harvest, where in their fields there may be need to spray for weeds/pests, or where the field may need to be watered. This information can be monitored through the web or on mobile devices. The data can also be used to help direct the farmer’s implement geospatially.

Farm animals (e.g. cattle or sheep) can be wear collars with sensors that allows the farmer to keep track of their positioning while grazing. Or, a drone can take regular flights over grazing areas taking pictures of the position of livestock and streaming this data back for a farmer to monitor using web interface or on a mobile device.

SmartDeployAI will enable a farmer to achieve all these tasks easily and seamlessly with the aid of a data ingestion and modeling pipeline.
A group of medical specialists (doctors) are analyzing MRI...
A group of medical specialists (doctors) are analyzing MRI images for potential abnormalities in patients. With the help of an AI model and constant stream of images feeding a SmartDeployAI data pipeline, they may be able to improve their accuracy and predictive power when diagnosing ailments and prescribing treatments.

A hospital administrator would like to improve the efficiency of the healthcare organization by analyzing and patient length of stay datasets to figure out what types of illnesses or conditions might result in abnormally long hospital stays and/or hospital readmissions. With an AI/ML model running as part to a SmartDeployAI pipeline, he/she will be able to analyze large amounts of data quickly and develop the predictive capabilities desired.
A company that owns a fleet of department stores...
A company that owns a fleet of department stores is interested in analyzing customer behavior inside their stores and how customer store visit patterns change with the addition of various incentivizes (sales, coupons, etc.). With SmartDeployAI, they will be able to build a data pipeline to collect the data required and analyze it, and construct a predictive model to forecast how certain incentives will impact future sales.

An online seller of goods is interested in analyzing customer purchase and page visit data to recommend to customers other goods they may be interested in purchasing in order to improve sales. With SmartDeployAI the online seller can analyze the data and build an AI pipeline that drives this recommendation system.
An internet service provider (ISP)...
An internet service provider (ISP) is interested in reducing its call center support costs by automating customer support via interactive chat bots and natural language processing. This would allow customers to find answers to many common problems on their own vs. calling in to speak with a support representative. With SmartDeployAI, this company will be able to ingest website data, build the necessary AI / ML models, and deploy them on their website for customers to interact with, saving money, and improving support response time.

A large tier 1 network transit provider is interested in detecting malicious and abnormal traffic patterns on its network before it can result in potential end user and customer disruption. With SmartDeployAI they will be able to construct a data pipeline to ingest large amounts of real-time network traffic data and analyze it together with an AI / ML model to spot the signatures of abnormal traffic. This model can then be deployed with SmartDeployAI to help ensure that the transit providers network stays healthy and the end customer SLA’s can continue to be met.
An integrated oil and gas company...
An integrated oil and gas company is interested in analyzing the productivity and performance of its well drilling programs in order to predict future well cost and performance in certain types of geographical basins. With SmartDeployAI they will be able to build a data workflow to ingest and process data from IoT sensors and monitoring equipment installed at the well sites, and combine that along with well producing data to make predictions regarding performance and efficiency.

A mid-stream energy company is interested in improving its predictive maintenance program to prevent critical processing equipment malfunction, unplanned shutdowns, and lost revenue. With the help of SmardDeployAI, this company can ingest data from IoT equipment sensors (e.g. valves, pumps, etc.) along with aerial imagery (gathered from drones) to build a model that will help detect when maintenance might be due or failure of a critical component may be imminent. This will allow the company to address potential maintenance issues before they lead to costly failure.
A large railway company is interested in improving...
A large railway company is interested in improving the efficiency of its railway track maintenance program. Instead of performing only labor intensive manual inspections, this company would like to leverage IoT sensors along with aerial data (gathered via planes and/or drones) analyze hundreds / thousands of miles of track and detect potential defects or areas of concerns that would need to be addressed. With SmartDeployAI, the company will be able to capture and ingest large amounts of sensor data at regular intervals and build a predictive AI model to spot track abnormalities, alerting maintenance crews and train operators of potential issues that need attention. By utilizing automation, efficiency of the maintenance program will also be improved, leading to lower costs.
A large railway company is interested in improving...
A large commercial building construction company would like to better track the progress of their (geographically spread out) construction sites in near-real time. This will help management make better decisions regarding completion dates and where to deploy crews and equipment to meet critical deadlines. With SmartDeployAI, this construction company will be able to build a pipeline to gather data from their construction sites via IoT devices (e.g. IP enabled video cameras) as well as regular drone led aerial surveys that collect construction site imagery. Using a pipeline running on SmartDeployAI, this data can be ingested in near real-time, processed and analyzed to provide management construction managers an overview of project status. A predictive model can also be built to forecast completion dates, which may be useful for subsequent bids the construction company may issue for new projects. Using SmartDeployAI, all data can easily be viewed on mobile devices or via web interfaces at the construction company HQ, or remotely.
Of course applications and use cases for SmartDeployAI...
Of course applications and use cases for SmartDeployAI are not limited to just those previously described. Our flexible software platform can be used to create and run any data workflow pipeline for virtually any application. Got an interesting use case that you want to run on SmartDeployAI that’s not listed or not sure how? Reach out to us below and let’s talk.
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